Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Told my boss and pants rant

I told my boss yesterday. She was so happy for me and DH that she started crying! She said she has been praying for us for months, and was really hoping to hear good news soon since I'd had so many doctor's appointments lately. So I am super glad I told her. I can't wait to get a little farther along and tell everyone else! :-)

And now, my rant. I officially have one pair of work pants that fit my ever-expanding bloat-bump. Unfortunately, I also wear a 36-37 inch inseam, and not one maternity clothing manufacturer makes pants that are long enough to fit me. I went to every store that sells maternity clothing this afternoon and completely struck out. I am apparently too tall to have the luxury of wearing pants while pregnant. :-( So frustrating! If anyone has any suggestions, I am ALL ears.


  1. I have the opposite problem, I'm super short. My sister gave me a bunch of her maternity pants and capris and I can only wear the capris, so honestly I just wear those with a long sleeve shirt. I don't mind having chilly calves for a bit until it gets warmer! :-)

  2. Yay!! I'm so happy she was so excited for ya'll. I'm so nervous to tell my boss! When I have to tell her important things I tend to mumble. Boooo!! Not finding clothes that fit really really stinks! I hate going shopping because I hate having to try things on! I just get so frustrated!!