Sunday, April 17, 2011

9 weeks

I seriously cannot believe I am writing this post right now.  HOW did I make it 9 WEEKS already?!  It blows my mind.

I'm still having a ton of food aversions and feeling pretty nauseous most of the time.  I was feeling better yesterday, then me and DH went out for a big lunch with some family who came to town.  I seriously think I ate more at that lunch yesterday than I ate this entire past week combined!  Then I felt like I was going to vomit for the rest of the day.  (It was totally worth it though!  haha)

Also... I can't believe how big my belly is getting already!  I know it is still 99% bloat at this point, but this also boggles my mind.  I'm wondering how much of it will go away when I quit my progesterone supplements in the next week or two.

How far along?  9 weeks, 1 day.

Weight gain/loss:   Down 0.4 pounds from last week, even after the large amount of food I ate yesterday.  (No doubt because I still can't stand the thought of food most days.)  Up 0.4 pounds total from my pre-pregnancy weight.

Maternity clothes?  All maternity pants now, thanks to my new purchase the other day!  Also, my belly is now big enough that I can wear my demi-panel Gap jeans (pictured above).  I LOVE them! 

Stretch marks?  Nope.

Sleep?  Still no trouble sleeping.  I am slightly less fatigued than before, but it comes and goes.

Best moment this week?  Seeing Baby C again at our 8 week u/s, and knowing he or she is still doing super awesome. 

Food cravings:  None really this week.  I've been too repulsed by the thought of food to actually crave any!

Gender:  DH and I are still divided -- Me saying boy, him saying girl.

Belly button in or out?  In.

Movement?  Way too early.

What I miss?  Enjoying eating food and not dreading meals.

What I'm looking forward to:  The end of my first trimester!

Milestones:  Buying pants that were long enough(!), being able to wear my other maternity jeans, and telling my boss I was pregnant.  What can I say, it was a big week.  ;-)

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