Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Still waiting...

14 dpo, no AF, and I still don't have a clear answer as to what is going on in my ute.  My temp went up .1 degree this morning, but I haven't been able to get another truly clear BFP to confirm my positive last night.

I did get what looked like a very very faint line on one internet cheapie with FMU this morning, but it was pretty difficult to see.  Then I dipped a second one (in the same FMU), and it came out stark white negative. 

I saved my FMU and tested with an FRER during my lunch break.  BFN.  Then I dipped another internet cheapie and thought I saw another super, suuuupppeerrrr faint line, but I hesitate to call it a clear positive.  I also have a hard time believing I am truly pregnant when I got a negative on an FRER, when they are supposedly one of the most sensitive tests available.

So now, I am right back where I started.  I want to believe I am pregnant, because that first test last night had such a clear second line.  And, unlike last time, this line was still there when the test dried (and actually got even darker).*  However, it worries me that I can't seem to replicate that result.  I don't want to get my hopes up until I have 100% clear proof that I am, in fact, with child.

I will be testing again first thing in the morning with a fresh batch of FMU.  Hopefully I will get a definitive answer soon.

* For the record, the line on last night's BFP was still clear as day this morning.  (I may or may not have dug it out of the trash to make sure...  Don't act like you've never dug a test out of the trash before!)

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