Saturday, January 1, 2011

Not sure what to think

11 dpo and my chart still looks pretty good.  All of your encouragement/ threats to my temps yesterday must have worked, because this morning my temp was back up.

I'm having no pre-AF symptoms -- my boobs don't feel sore or swollen at all, and I'm not having any cramping at all yet... last cycle it started at 8 dpo.  I have been having some extreme bloating (which I had the last time I was pregnant), and my acid reflux has been majorly acting up these past few days, but I'm blaming those two effects on my overindulging in holiday foods.  Also, my boobs have been itching like crazy, which has never happened to me before and is totally weird, so I don't know what to think of that either.  haha

I did, however, just have a tinge of dark brown spotting mixed in some creamy CM.  I don't know what to think of that.  Of course, the logical part of my brain says, "Its AF coming, stupid".  But the optimistic, hopeful side keeps thinking maybe its implantation spotting after that dip yesterday.  AHHH!!!

I really, really, REALLY want this to be it for us.  I'm so sick of seeing BFNs and worrying if we will ever be parents.  I also really, really don't want to hit our one-year TTC anniversary and EDD with an empty ute.  :-(

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