Sunday, January 23, 2011


I went out of town this weekend, and completely forgot to take my thermometer with me! This wouldn't normally be a problem, except I am probably ovulating right now but have no temp for Saturday or Sunday to compare to tomorrow's to confirm. Oops!

On a related note, I got the darkest, most positive OPK ever in life yesterday. I'm not even kidding, the test line was so dark you could barely even see the control line! I have never seen that happen before. And I know it wasn't just one bad test, because I got that dark of a line both times I tested yesterday. I joked with DH that maybe I'll be releasing quadruplets! lol (But no, really, that would be awesome. Maybe then we'd finally have a shot of one sticking around.)

I guess we will be finding out soon!


  1. That happened to me last month when we traveled to see family for Christmas! DH had to make a run out to CVS late at night. Weird thing though with the new thermometer my temperatures were all very low compared to my previous temps. I stopped using it and went back to my old one once I got back home. I just had about 4 days of weird temps.

    Yay for positive OPK's!!!! I'm praying for your quadruplets ;)

    <3 Mary

  2. Have lots of sex then! At least one of us can , I am not allowed at all during this pregnancy. It makes even conception sex seem appealing, I tell ya!

  3. DARK OPK ='s LOTS OF SEXY TIME!!!! I'm just sayin', go get 'em girl!!!

  4. LOL, thanks ladies! Unfortunately I didn't get too much sexy time, since I was out of town and DH had to stay home. But I did get a few times in there before I left, so I'm hoping it was enough. If I really did O quadruplets, surely one of them was able to catch a sperm! ;-)