Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here we go again

I'm 99% sure I ovulated on Sunday.  I base this on the fact that I almost always get a +OPK, followed by an O dip (either the next day or two days post- +OPK), followed by a temp spike (always the day after the dip).  Since my temp on Monday was higher than my previous seven recorded temps, I'm going to assume I did actually ovulate on Sunday.

I still can't believe I missed these two most crucial temps ever! Do'h!

Normally this wouldn't really matter, and I would just deal with not knowing and wait out the 2ww.  However, this cycle I am supposed to start my progesterone at 3 dpo, so its kind of crucial to know when that would be!  I'm planning to start tomorrow, so we will see how this goes. 

On a random semi-related note, I also had a decent amount of brown spotting today.  I have never had spotting so early in my cycle before, so I am wondering if maybe it could be related to ovulation?  Maybe I really did ovulate a litter this month!  lol


  1. I would assume you did ovulate, and if you are off by one or two days with the progesterone, does it really matter? I wonder, I don't really know. With my IUI's I can't remember when I would start the progesterone, but I don't think it was on a precise day, it might have been the day after the iui, really wish I could remember now. All I know it was not as crucial as with the IVF where the embryos have to match the maturation of the endometrium.

  2. So exciting! I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you!!!!

  3. Thanks Christina! :-) And MrsH, I did not even think to ask whether the timing of my progesterone really mattered. What you said makes sense though and makes me feel better about potentially being a day off. Thanks!

  4. I hope it all works out, I have no clue or advice.