Friday, December 24, 2010

"But you're so YOUNG!!!"

I get told this ALL the time when people find out we are TTC.  Then when I tell people about our loss, I get this statement's cousin, the "Its ok, you'll have lots of babies because you have lots of time! You're so young!" Now, as we are starting to tell people about our adoption plans, we have already had one person ask why... you guessed it... because we are so young!

Ok, for the record.  Yes we are in our mid-20s and creeping closer to 30 every day.  I realize to many people, this still is quite young to want a family.  But its not like I'm 16 and in high school trying to get knocked up.  DH and I are both college graduates with advanced degrees, and DH is in the process of obtaining another.  I have a professional job and we own our own home.  I think that should count for something.  (Not that we have to defend our choices to anyone!)

Whew, sorry I got a little fired up there.  I was reading Katie's post about ageists on From IF to When, and it got me thinking about how infuriating it is when people say these things.  If you have ever been in a similar boat, you really should take the time to read Katie's post.  She says everything I think about the issue, only more eloquently than I ever could.


  1. Don't apologize for getting fired up! People are so ridiculous and rude, it never ceases to amaze me. I wish it was acceptable to tell those people to go suck it. <3

  2. I understand where you are coming from, my family is the opposite I am 25 and in there opinion should have 3 trying for the fourth by now. I am the odd duck though I waited until I was 22 to get married, most of my cousins got married at 16-18.

  3. I hate when people say things like that. People really don't know in details what one is going through, and to make a comment like that just annoys me! I wish people would refrain from comments like that. Sending you lots of (((hugs)))

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas this year.

    <3 Mary