Sunday, November 28, 2010

I totally caved (BFN)

So today was 9 dpo.  I really was going to wait until tomorrow to start testing, but I totally caved.  

I originally wasn't going to test because DH's family was coming over today, and in the off chance I actually did get a BFP I didn't think there would be any way DH and I would be able to keep it a secret from them.  So I was going to wait until at least tomorrow morning to start testing.  But then after DH's parents left, I realized I hadn't peed in over four hours (it was a busy morning, and I didn't have time to drink many liquids!), so I figured I might as well test.  Well, shocker, I got a BFN.

I'm not surprised at all.  I actually am feeling pretty ambivalent about this cycle.  I was feeling really good about our timing, but then I had some EWCM last night (which always means AF is less than 24 hours away) and some cramping, so I just assumed we were out this cycle.  Although I was perplexed, since it was only 8 dpo and my LPs have consistently been 12 dpo every cycle (except for one that was 13 dpo).  My temps are also not stellar, but still above the coverline.  (I think this is partly because they were uncharacteristically high pre-ovulation, which I attribute to me now sleeping in sweats and with extra blankets on the bed, since its gotten so cold here.)  

So, if you followed all of that boring blabber about my chart, you will see why I thought this cycle was a bust.  Well, today I had a **TMI alert** large mass of sticky CM, no more EWCM, and of course still no AF.  So now I am back to thinking maybe we still have a shot.  I'm crossing my fingers big time and hoping tomorrow's testing goes better.

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