Saturday, September 25, 2010

11 dpo - BFN

Another day, another blazing white BFN... or three.

Now before you judge me, hear me out.  Like I said the other day, I only had two more of my internet cheapies left.  One was defective looking (the wicking part was sticking out the side).  Yesterday my new order of internet cheapies arrived.  And I opened them this morning to discover... they were packaged exactly like my OPKs I order from this company.  I was immediately suspicious, but opened them anyway... to discover they look exactly the same as my OPKs.  (My previous HPTs I ordered from this company are clearly marked "hcg" on the end of the strip, and these were plain pink like all of my OPKs.)

Needless to say, I was angry at this apparent mix-up and was planning to call Amazon and demand they send another order of the correct tests.  But since I had already opened this strip, I thought I'd use it anyway.  I also used a dollar store cheapie I still had, as a control, in case this new test was in fact an OPK.  Then, I decided that since I had that defective old internet cheapie, I might as well dip it too!

Well, all three of them came up very clearly negative.  Which I'm not surprised about the dollar store test;  I found they are significantly less sensitive than the internet cheapies last time I was pregnant.  The defective internet cheapie also seemed to work properly.  And, despite my previous anger, I guess Amazon did actually send me HPTs instead of OPKs, because even that one came up stark white.  (Theoretically, if we have LH in our bodies at all times, I should have gotten at least a faint line on that test... especially with concentrated FMU, right?)  So, my apologies to Amazon for my previous rage.  Although it sure will be confusing now that every single one of my internet cheapies looks exactly the same!

And last but not least... at least my chart is still looking good!

I'm wondering if that dip might be an implantation dip?  If so, I would expect to finally see a BFP either tomorrow or Monday.  The last time I got pregnant I had a dip at 7 dpo and got a suuuupppeeerrr faint BFP at 9 dpo.  In fact, DH and I didn't even call it a positive until we got another slightly less-faint second line at 10 dpo.  So... if my math is correct, and in the chance that a baby did actually implant on Thursday, then tomorrow or Monday I should be getting the good news!  Either that, or I will get my temp drop (I usually see it at 12 dpo) and be seriously bummed.  Lets hope for the former! ;-)


  1. I would have done the same thing! I don't know how much I've spent on those sticks! It seems like every month I waste about 20 of them. Okay okay I'm exaggerating but still it's a lot. You'd think I'd be peeing on them like it was a competitive sport :p Your chart still looks very GOOD!!!

  2. Haha, I know! Thank goodness for Amazon and their cheapo tests... at least I don't feel guilty peeing on lots of those! lol

    Thanks for the encouragement about my chart! I'm really hoping my temps stay up tomorrow, I'm starting to get nervous since I usually see a drop at 12 dpo. Keep your fingers crossed for me! :-)