Thursday, March 17, 2011

So far, so good...

I just wanted to update from my cramping post the other day.  I still have some minor cramping several times per day, but overall the cramps seem to be letting up.  They are at least not as intense as they were the other day when I posted.  And I haven't had any spotting, praise Jesus!

So, so far, it seems Baby C is doing just fine.  *knock on wood*  Thanks again for the reassurance you ladies gave me the other day.  I'm trying really hard to be confident that this is normal, and to not freak out at every little twinge I feel!


  1. It's definitely normal! I found the more water I drank, the less cramps I had, so chug that water!!

  2. Yeah I have heard that too. I have been guzzling water like its my job! Seriously, I have a 40 oz water bottle that I drain before lunch every day. Haha. Its a good thing I like water because I am so thirsty ALL the time!