Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Coming out of slacking... 33 weeks

Wow, I am such a bad, bad blogger.  I swear I don't know where the last 8 weeks went!

Nothing too exciting going on with me and Baby C...  We are down to every-other-week doctor's appointments now, and at my appointment last week, my doctor told me if he can't determine Baby C's position at our next visit he will send us for another ultrasound (yay!).  I know 100% that Baby C is head down, because s/he has been at every ultrasound -- including since I've been able to feel movement -- and his/her feet have always been and continue to be right in my ribs (more on that in a minute).  There is NO WAY that what I'm feeling up there is anything but butt and feet, lol.  But, of course I hope my doctor can't tell so we can have another peek at the little guy or gal!  ;-)  DH and I also had our first baby shower a few weeks ago and it was a blast.  We were totally spoiled by family and friends and got a lot of useful stuff.  We have another baby shower coming up next weekend, and I'm pretty sure my office is planning a surprise shower the week after that, so we have all kinds of fun to look forward to.  Baby C is definitely one loved little baby already!

Now, on to my (not so) weekly post...

How far along?  33 weeks, 3 days.  (And for the record, I can't believe how huge my belly looks in photos these days!  I swear it doesn't look like that to me in my daily life... maybe my brain is just trying to protect me.  lol)

Weight gain/loss:   I think I'm about 20-22 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight...  honestly it is getting really difficult to keep track because I am retaining so much water (and rarely going to the bathroom), so my weight has been fluctuating quite a bit even day-to-day.

Maternity clothes?  Um, yes.  In fact, quite a few of my maternity clothes are even getting too tight/too short/too small.

Stretch marks?  So far, about 100 on my boobs and two on each inner thigh, but not one on my stomach... **furiously knocking on the biggest piece of wood ever**

Sleep?  I couldn't tell you the last time I slept through the night, lol.  (Probably some time before my last blog update!)  I have been waking up multiple times per night to pee, to change positions because of hip pain, or both.  But I figure its just good practice for when Baby C arrives.

Best moment this week?  Hearing Baby C's heartbeat again at my doctor's appointment, every time he or she moves, and every time DH talks to Baby C in my belly.  :-)

Food cravings:  One night last week I really, REALLY wanted a Sonic hot dog.  I don't even like hot dogs, but those "premium hot dog" commercials are killing me!  DH and I went to go get a "Kickin' Coney Dog" (chili, cheese, bbq sauce, and fried onion pieces) and it was SO AMAZING!

Gender:   Team Green!

Belly button in or out?  About 90% flattie, 10% innie.  But the amount of innie is getting smaller by the day.  I can't even fit the tip of my pinkie in there anymore, lol.  And sometimes, depending on how Baby C is laying, I can lean back and pooch my belly button so it sticks out just a bit, then I move forward and it sucks back in.  DH thinks this is endlessly amusing!

Movement?  Always.  I love how every week I can feel Baby C getting bigger and stronger.  He or she also started getting the hiccups a few weeks ago, and now gets them at least once or twice per day.  (I also always feel them down super low in my pelvis, which further leads me to believe that Baby C is still head down.)  I think the hiccups are completely adorable; DH thinks they are just hilarious!  He loves to feel them and laughs every time.  :-)  Baby C also seems to have chosen the left side of my ute as his/her home base.  His/her favorite position is with his/her butt wedged up against my ribs on the left side, and his/her little (getting bigger...) feet lodged inside my rib cage on the right side.  It doesn't really hurt, but sometimes Baby C's kicks take my breath away -- literally -- when s/he kicks my lungs! 

What I miss?  Sleeping through the night, laying on my back, and being able to lay on the couch with DH (I've been too fat for that for several months now, lol).

What I'm looking forward to:  Meeting Baby C!  I can't believe I will be full term in less than a month.  Insanity!

Milestones:  We finally have the nursery (almost) finished... I'm still waiting on a decal my aunt is making for the toy box, and I need to wash all of our baby clothes and diapers and put them away, but that is about it!


  1. you look good! nice and pregnant I say. I also got the stretch marks on my boobs only, and they only got worse as I started nursing. I have a huge huge chest circumference right now. I think you will sleep better once the baby arrives, I know I did.

  2. Looking awesome Lady!!! I was looking at your ticker on the side...45 days does not seem like too much!! He/She is almost here!! Eeeeekkk!! I hear ya when you talk about hip and back pain. It's so painful to move while I'm sleeping, it just wakes me up!! I hope you get your extra ultrasound!!